Fase1 Lighting

FOCUS 29W Integrated LED (39714)

Focus stays true to the conventional style of track lighting systems but incorporates simplistic, modern style. Its cylindrical head removes unnecessary frills leaving room for only the essentials. Made out of 1070 pure aluminum, it is built to last with durable strength like no other. A special twist feature designed within the front of the track head allows for field adaptation that controls the double bifocal lenses within. This allows the beam to change from 15° to 55° with maximum uniformity while reducing light spill. 

Available in both a matte black and white finish, the Focus collection will easily match a variety of decor for consistent style. Allow us to help you focus on what truly matters in life! 

The spot module is the best choice for directional lighting to highlight specific pieces that deserve that extra attention. Shape the perfect ambiance by adding supplementary layered lighting for hanging art or sculptures. Specific to the Focus collection is a field adjustable aperture adjustment ring which controls the beam angle, zooming and focusing it, functioning similarly to that found on a DSLR camera.

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